Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3 Meditative Prayers

I know we are all disheartened in our grief. Now we enter a period of "wait and see" and so I have composed my thoughts and offer these meditative prayers for us.

I surrender my heart and humbly request divine wisdom
Take my anger and fill me with compassion
Replace my fear with faith
Dissolve my worry and grant me hope
Sweep away dark thoughts and send angels of peace
In you all things become clear and I walk in grace, shining with boundless optimistic love

Where our plans fail, you intervene
You move in our hearts like water
We flow to the places you want us to go
When we open up to you we become the water
When we harden against you we become like clay pots
And the rapids smash us against the rocks
Then in pieces you carry us
And soon we dissolve into you

We say, not our will but yours,
And you have promised us good things
You ask us, What do you want?
And we come boldly with faithful request-
Not our will, but yours

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Children of Zion: The abused becomes the abuser

Children of Zion, the Zionists, the Jewish state of Israel - Founded in a time when Jews were being systematically exterminated from the face of Europe, it was the hope of a country-less ethnic group seeking safe harbor. Just like an abused child, the Zionists as a society have responded to the horror and cruelty they received by inflicting it on Palestinians. They bomb Gaza and Lebanon and call it self defense. They do not see they have become the enemy they themselves once fled.

This follows on a social scale what is seen in individual psychology. Fortunately, not every child who is abused goes on to become an abuser. Instead, most make a choice to go in the opposite direction. They become more compassionate, tender people who cannot tolerate injustice and abuse of the weak by the strong.

Zionists should be ashamed, and Israel should be treated like the bully it is until it becomes ready to recognize its wrongdoing and move forward peacefully to health and restoration.